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What is #CET?

que es cet

que es cet

Chicas en Tecnología is an NGO that aims at closing the gender gap in technology by promoting, motivating, and training the new generation of innovator girls in technology and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is that teenage girls consider technology as an ally to fulfill various purposes, from thinking about technology as a means of expression to considering it a possible solution to an array of issues across their communities.

How do we do it?

Through different programs and initiatives

que es cet

Sustainable Development Goals

On September 25, 2015, UN member states, together with citizens and NGOs, adopted a set of 17 global goals to ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

Each goal has specific milestones that are to be reached by year 2030.

In Chicas en Tecnología, we are currently working on 7 of such goals


partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.


quality education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


gender equality

Achieve gender equality, and empower all women and girls.


reduced inequalities

Empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of their condition.


peace, justice, and strong institutions

Promote peaceful, fair, and inclusive societies.


decent work, and economic growth

Promote interest on technology startups, TI careers, and those with a social impact.


industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Enhance scientific research, and upgrade the technological capabilities of industrial sectors in all countries, encouraging innovation.

2017 Scope

  • +100
  • articles

    in mass media, spreading our message

  • +10.000
  • persons

    attended our talks, events, and conferences

  • 270
  • grads

  • 55
  • prototypes of apps with
    social impact

  • 92
  • mentors and ambassadors

hightlights 2017

Girls who took part in our programs


  • 7
  • boosted apps

    tech solutions that continued developing through programs offered by incubators and accelerators.

  • 70
  • % of the girls

    who participated in our programs say they want to continue studying something related to technology.

  • 75
  • % of our grad girls

    want to collaborate with Chicas en Tecnología as a volunteer or an ambassador

  • 62
  • scholarships granted

    so that girls can continue developing in technology.


In 2018, Chicas en Tecnología is committed to expanding their mission to the whole country, with the aim of motivating and promoting technological and entrepreneurial skills in teenage girls, building installed capacity through local ambassadors, and influencing communities, educational settings, and economies. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue developing #ClubesCET, #PUMM, #ComunidadCET, and talk events. We will also continue generating knowledge, and contributing to the public agenda with our research initiatives, data, publications, events, and media promotion. We will further the institutionalization status of the organization in order to ensure the quality and continuity of all our actions, which are always focused on increasing the number of girls who will be part of the next generation of innovator and entrepreneur women in technology with a social impact.


Our NGO is made up of an excellent team of professionals from different fields such as technology, programming, entrepreneurship, design, and education, who work as consultants and volunteers.

Sofia Contreras Sofia Contreras

Sofía Contreras


Carolina Hadad Carolina Hadad

Carolina Hadad


Melina Masnatta Melina Masnatta

Melina Masnatta


Mariana Varela Mariana Varela

Mariana Varela


Cecilia Vazquez Cecilia Vazquez

Cecilia Vazquez


Mara Golzman Mara Golzman

Mara Golzman


Yanina Paparella Yanina Paparella

Yanina Paparella


Marcela Behmer Pelz Marcela Behmer Pelz

Marcela Behmer Pelz


Consuelo López Consuelo López

Consuelo López

programs and technology

Ricardo Sarmiento Ricardo Sarmiento

Ricardo Sarmiento


Lali Bonomini Lali Bonomini

Lali Bonomini


Daniela Álvarez Daniela Álvarez

Daniela Álvarez

social media

Nuria Torras Nuria Torras

Nuria Torras


Ezequiel Sambresqui Ezequiel Sambresqui

Ezequiel Sambresqui




A huge thanks to:

The mentors who joined Programando un Mundo Mejor this year. Meet them

The #ClubesCET ambassadors: Jennifer Vershoor, Andrea Bruder, Paola Murad, Melania Ottaviano, Marisol Santillán, Gonzalo Bide, Analía Girardi, Gladys Cabral, Martín Mammoli, Rubén Fiorini, Susana Giambruni, and María del Carmen Caltana. Meet them

A big thank you to Fede Ulbrich! And also to Sol Landa, Carolina Amarillo, Azucena Zhou, Luli Martin, and Paz Arando, for joining our programs as volunteers along the year. Special thanks to Cecilia Galarza, Laura Acion, Patricio Rocca Huguet, Stephanie Cabobianco, Euge Lopez, Milena Rosenzvit, Ayelen Anesse, Martina Scapola, Guido Vilariño, and Vanesa Cillo for supporting the proposals and initiatives launched by Chicas en Tecnología.

Thank you, Maren Lau, Mariana Brandeburgo, Luciana Bermejo, Victoria Hitce, Ron Choi, Martin Frenkel, and Carolina Cueliche for your support.

Thank you to Ricardo Sametband from La Nacion, Mai Pistiner and Maria Florencia Aza from UNO.ar, Silvina Molina from Telam, Lalo Zanoni from El Cronista, Santiago Bonavena from Paka Paka, Nathalie Jarast from Revista Brando, and all other journalists for demonstrating their interest through the media.

Thank you to Gustavo Cucuzza, Agustín Porres, Yas García, Maria Teresa Lugo, Mariana Brandeburgo, Lalo Zanoni, Agustín Morad, Mercedes D'Alessandro, and Melina Jajamovich for joining our debate forum 2017, and to all our colleagues who also contributed to thinking and debating results.

Thank you, Cintia Gonzalez for designing this report and María Ivana Croxcatto for translating it.

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Our Partners

  • fibertel
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Mulesoft
  • Area Tres
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  • IBM
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  • developers for good

Allied Organizations

  • GDG Rio de La Plata
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  • Linux Chix
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  • Eidos
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  • voces vitales

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